All New Premium Instant Ramen Tasting Pack


  • ¥3,270

The regulations to import instant noodle varies for each country. We strongly suggest checking with your local custom to confirm it's eligibility.

To make it easier and cheaper for our customers to try these premium ramen, we have created a tasting pack where it would cost less than buying each flavour individually.

Each tasting pack includes 5 types of premium instant ramen listed below.

1xRamen Nakiryu Instant ramen
1xRamen Tsuta 
1xIppudo Hakata Tonkotsu ramen instant ramen
1xSantoka Tonkotsu shio ramen instant ramen
1xSumire Sapporo miso ramen instant ramen


Nakiryu Ramen Awarded Michelin star for 3 years in a row, Nakiryu is famous for its dan dan noodles. Rich tasty broth with a hint of spiciness and sesame fragrance.

Ramen Tsuta Ramen Tsuta is the first ramen shop awarded a Michelin star. The Soy Sauce-based soup instant noodle was the first instant noodle released and the most popular one. After a brief absence, we're glad to have this back!!! The soy sauce added extra umami to the soup and the signature Truffle oil bring sophistication to the soup. A must try Premium Instant ramen.

Ippudo is one of the most Hakata Tonkotsu ramen shops, with the franchise all over the world. The rich broth is made from pork bone. 

Santoka Tonkotsu ramen is one of the popular ramen shops. They are famous for their rich pork bone and salt broth. 

Sumire Sapporo miso ramen is well known for its pork and miso broth. Sumire focuses on the harmony of the quality ramen and the broth rather than enhancing the taste with multiple toppings.