Meiji Hohoemi Rakuraku Cube 0 - 1 years old- 16 packets


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Meiji Hohoemi is formulated not only with ingredients that help support babies’ growth but also with reduced amounts of ingredients that do not exist in mother’s milk. Milk proteins consist largely of casein and whey protein. The total amount of these two types of proteins in Meiji Hohoemi is approximately the same as in mother’s milk.

Meiji Hohoemi is the only formula in Japan that contains the same arachidonic acid quantities as mother's milk. Arachidonic acid (ARA) is present in animal-based foods, such as pork, beef, liver, chicken eggs, chicken thighs and fish. It has been receiving much attention lately as an essential nutrient that helps support the development and growth of babies. 

Meiji Hohoemi is the only infant formula that is formulated with quantities of DHA reaching the range found in mother’s milk. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is well known as a lipid found in large quantities in tuna and other fatty fish. Similarly to arachidonic acid, it is an essential nutrient for the development of babies.