Megami no Ruby


  • ¥2,937

This limited edition pocky is very rare, even in Japan. Japantelier is proud to be able to offer this limited edition Pocky. Specially crafted for adults who love red wine. Each stick flavoured with cheddar cheese, black pepper, cloves and coated with rich bitter chocolate that has been infused with 3 types of berries.

This concoction of spicy, salty, sweet, and bitterness will complement your red wine.

Each tub contains 6 individual packets.

This product contains Chocolate. If you live in a hot location where the temperature is more than 23 Celcius, there may be a possibility of discolouration or imperfection. If the Temperature is higher than 28 Celcius, the chocolate may melt. Please consider this prior to finalising your purchase. As this is out of our control, this will not be able to replace or refund.